ActiveSync Profile

The ActiveSync profile allows you to automatically configure your e-mail profile on your device in order to connect to the Microsoft Exchange e-mail server and synchronize data such as e-mail, calendar, contacts.

To add a new ActiveSync profile, go to the Profiles tab, select ActiveSync Profile from the configuration list and click the Add Profile button.

At the beginning, we choose ActiveSync, respectively, for the Microsoft or Traveler solution for IBM.

Then fill the fields with the appropriate data:

  • Name – the name of the profile
  • Description – additional description of the profile
  • Domain – the domain name the Exchange server is running on
  • Email – • the email for which the service is configured (the variable {UserEmail} will automatically enter the email of the user to whom the profile is assigned)
  • Gateway – we can add a gateway from the list of added profiles gateway, which will additionally secure traffic between the mobile device and internal mail systems
  • Mail server – the name of the server on which the account was created
  • Name of the user – username that matches the name for the Exchange account (the variable {UserName} will automatically enter the username to which the profile is assigned)
  • Name of the account – the name of the account in the application on the mobile device (the variable {UserDisplayName} will automatically enter the name consisting of the name of the user to which the profile is assigned)
  • Port -the protocol port by means of which the connection is made to the service (port 443 is used by default for connection using TLS / SSL)
  • Sync period – determines from which time interval data should be synchronized (eg 2 weeks back)
  • Inter synchronization – determines the frequency with which data should be synchronized (Automatically or time period)
  • Authentication – you can choose a password for authentication, which must be entered on the device by the user or a certificate
  • Signature – a signature that will be added to messages sent using the account
  • Use SSL – check this box to allow SSL to be used when connecting
  • Accept all SSL certificates – checking the box will accept all certificates for the connection
  • Synchronize the calendar – checking the box will download calendar data during account synchronization
  • Sync contacts – checking the box will download contacts when you synchronize your account
  • Synchronize email messages – checking the box will download email messages when you synchronize your account
  • Synchronize automatically when roaming – if this box is checked, your Exchange account data will be automatically synchronized (with a specified interval) also using roaming data, this may result in additional costs being charged
  • Use S / MIME – checking the box allows you to encrypt the mail with the S / MIME standard, if selected, additional options related to the S / MIME configuration are available:
    • Always sign the S / MIME certificate
    • By default, you must encrypt the S / MIME certificate
    • Inquire the user or encrypt the message (if the option is not checked, all messages sent by the user will be encrypted)
  • Allow to edit account settings – checking the box will allow the user to change the Exchange account settings from the application

When creating a profile, global variables may be helpful, the list of which can be displayed from the user options

In the form displayed, fill out the required fields and click Submit.

A correctly saved profile will appear in the list . To edit, copy or delete a profile, select it from the list, then click on appropriate action button.