The Autoenroll feature significantly increases the speed and streamlines the process of activating multiple devices. To use it, first go to the Devices tab and click on the Device registration button.

You will be transferred to the list of all devices assigned to the autoenroll process. You can assign devices to the autoenroll either by using the form under the Add device button or by importing a previously prepared csv file via the CSV Import button.

Add registration – form

After clicking on the Add device button, the page with the manual form opens. Here you can enter the serial number of the device along with the activation type and the user, to which the device should be assigned.

If you want to add another device, click on the Add device button.

To confirm the entered device(s), click on the Submit button.

The saved devices will be added to the list.

Add registration – CSV file

If you want to add multiple devices using a CSV file, first you need to prepare it as shown in the example file (example file). Then select the CSV file, using the Import CSV button.

Confirm the selected file by pressing the button Send icon.

The devices from the file will be added to the list.

Action on registration

Each registered device has a Options button, through which we can update or delete the registration.

If you click on Update registration, you will be forwarded to a form, in which you can change the activation type and the user to whom the device is assigned.

Confirm the changes with the Submit button.

The changes are immediately visible in the list of registrations.

Automatic registration – Android devices

On the Android device added to the autoenrollment registration, all you need to do is install the Proget application version 1.13 or higher and accept all new licenses, permissions and authorisations.

The device will be displayed on the user’s card.

The registration status will change to Active.

Automatic registration – iOS devices

Additionally to the process described above, you will need to add the device to an Apple Business Manager profile, which has been connected to the Proget server, to automatically register it. A more detailed instruction on how to attach Apple Business Manager profile to the server can be found under iOS -> Settings.

After the profile has been set up, turn on device and go through the setup configuration(which is available after the first start of the device or after resetting it to it’s factory settings). After connecting the device to the internet and finishing the remaining configuration steps the device will be automatically activated in the Proget system.

You can disable chosen configuration steps of the setup process to further speed up the activation. To choose which steps should be omitted, go to the settings of the Apple Business Manager profile which the device has been assigned to, and deselect the unwanted configuration steps.