Backup Profile

Profile Add

Backup allows you to backup contacts, SMS and MMS and call log. During the profile configuration, you can specify the elements, the storage location and the frequency of the backup.
To add a new profile, go to the profiles tab, select Backup from the profiles list and click on Create button.

Fill out the form by customizing the profile to your company’s needs and click Submit.

A correctly added profile will appear in the list of Backup profiles. To edit, copy or delete a profile, choose appropriate action button.

Proget Backup application

Proget Backup is an external application, which allows a user to perform and restore contacts, messages and call lists.

To restore a backup, first you need to choose one from Backups tab on My Card. When the backup will be sent to device, the Restore Backup button will be shown in the Proget Backup application. On the next view, you will see the previously chosen backup elements (sms/mms, contacts, call log).

Restoring Contacts

Restorin Messages

Restorin Call Log

Additional information

  • The backup is saved on your organization’s MDM server,
  • Since version 2.2, for the functions of performing and restoring backup it is necessary to install the Proget Backup application,
  • The backup is done incrementally,
  • The user can force a backup for single device on his card
    (My card → device card),
  • The user can restore backups performed on other devices
    (including other platforms, e.g. a copy from IOS to Android),
  • A single user can only restore his own backups
    (it is not possible to restore another user’s backup),
  • No user (including an administrator) has direct access to saved data, users can only (if they have such permissions) check the count of copies elements.