Company documents Profile

The Business documents profile allow you to upload documents onto the server, that can be downloaded to the user’s device. In the Profile tab, select Business documents from the configuration list. A list of already created profiles will appear. To create a new profile, click the Create button.

Then fill all necessary fields and select the desired options.

To add a new directory we need to click on the icon on the right,

choose a name and click on Submit button.

On the left we can see a directory tree with the currently selected directory, which content is displayed on the right.

If we want to add a new file to the current directory, click on the icon on the right.

In this window, you can add files using the Select file button.
(Here you can download a sample file)

The added file will appear in the selected directory.

After clicking on a file, additional icons will appear, which allow you to edit the name, delete or download the selected file.

If you want to add a new file or see the content of another directory, you can do so by clicking on another element in the directory tree.

To end the profile creation process and save the profile, click on the Submit button.