Changelog Proget application for Android system

v.2.13.5 2023-11-28
  • Fixed information updating in the Technical Support tab
v.2.13.4 2023-11-07
  • Fixed setting password during enroll on devices with Android 9 and lower
v.2.13.3 2023-10-17
  • Fixed app configuration without certificates
  • Improved Play Integrity verification
  • Changed enroll steps on #afw activation
v.2.13.2 2023-09-04
  • Added “domain” parameter for Wi-Fi Enterprise configuration
v.2.13.1 2023-08-25
  • Fixed Business contacts profile
v.2.13.0 2023-08-23
  • Added support for Play Integrity
  • Added option to display logs during activation
  • Added option to go to the required interaction screen from main screen
  • Added ‘remember me’ checkbox in Kiosk
  • Fixed the Wi-Fi network settings in the Kiosk profile
  • Fixed an issue with location when a Geofencing profile is applied
  • Changed app UI
v.2.12.0 2023-06-05
  • Added ability to install applications from a file without user interaction for Profile Owner and Profile Owner (COPE) activation on Samsung devices running Android 10 or higher
  • Added ability to restore business data in case of Proget application synchronization error
  • Added support for Azure Active Directory
  • Added verification of the required android version during activation
  • Fixed restart of the application after dialing on a locked device
  • Fixed the synchronisation of the status of blocked applications
  • Fixed the display of the notification of password change
  • Fixed removal of bluetooth policies after deactivation
  • Fixed setting of location accuracy
  • Improved user data synchronisation
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Removed support for the application container kiosk
v.2.11.1 2023-02-28
  • Fixed installing Proget Backup application after enroll
  • Fixed application configuration with certificates
v.2.11.0 2023-02-20
  • Added Lock screen notifications policy for Device Owner
  • Added Store photos from locked device policy for Device Owner
  • Added hidden apps option in Kiosk
  • Added sending address with location data
  • Added sending sim pinning status
  • Added Certificate mapping profile
  • Added ukrainian translations
  • Fixed forcing update of installed apps
  • Fixed Bluetooth granting permissions issues
  • Fixed deactivation during enroll
  • Fixed deactivation in managed space after database error
  • Fixed removing Android Enterprise account in managed space after database error
  • Fixed tethering policies for Samsung Knox
  • Fixed Connectivity profile restrictions removing after deactivation
  • Fixed sending password to device in Wi-Fi profile with Enterprise configuration
  • Fixed SSL certificate issues after changing the date on the device
  • Fixed Kiosk profile applying
  • Fixed disabling kiosk after database error for Samsung Knox activation
  • Fixed applying restrictions in Geofencing profile
  • Fixed activation of Samsung devices with Android 13
  • Changed admin e-mail to optional
  • Changed and unified cancel enroll method
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Improved error feedback during enroll
  • Improved Proget apps battery optimizations on Samsung devices
v.2.10.3 2022-11-25
  • Fixed try again function on database error view
  • Fixed clear application data on COPE activation
  • Fixed kiosk disabling on database error
v.2.10.2 2022-10-27
  • Fixed disable navigation buttons error in kiosk
v.2.10.1 2022-10-26
  • Fixed Kiosk profile issue
v.2.10.0 2022-10-25
  • Added informations about connection type
  • Added display of device UUID
  • Added Data access permission changed as optional
  • Added device lock in responses for no server connection
  • Data access permission changed, now optional
  • Changed the way to check device inactivity
  • Changed Proget logo
  • Improved styling in company document view
  • Improved security of device activation for Android 8 and 9
  • Improved MTP – notifications when changing network connection
  • Fixed problems with FCM
  • Fixed problems with the kiosk
  • Fixed problems with policies
  • Fixed problems with location accuracy
v.2.9.3 2022-07-07
  • Fixed clear application data on COPE and PO activation
  • Added try again function on database error view
v.2.9.2 2022-06-22
  • Fixed contacts duplication problem while updating profile
  • Fixed location availability
  • Fixed allow to change the screen wallpaper policy default state
  • Fixed Kiosk background image problems
  • Fixed launching apps in kiosk after device reboot
  • Fixed reset password notifications on COPE
  • Changed Kiosk settings support on devices below Android 9
v.2.9.1 2022-05-27
  • Fixed removing app restrictions during deactivation invoked by Location profile
  • Fixed applying Lost Mode during activation if policy do not allow using two SIM cards
  • Fixed adding managed account when policies block account management
  • Added option Wipe device data from Proget app settings
  • Added showing Wi-Fi available networks option in Kiosk settings
  • Added cellular data option in Kiosk settings
v.2.9.0 2022-05-16
  • Added new enroll flow
  • Added the option to display your own EULA during activation
  • Added support for enroll with credentials provided by KME
  • Added Lost Mode status sending
  • Added Kiosk status sending
  • Added Kiosk turn on automatically after time set by administrator
  • Added WiFi calling to Kiosk settings
  • Added Allow bluetooth sharing policy for Device Owner
  • Added Allow change wallpaper policy for Device Owner
  • Added SIM pinning policy for Samsung devices with Device Owner activation
  • Added certificate removing added via managed configuration on device deactivate
  • Fixed policy revoke on deactivate device with Android R+
  • Fixed certificate removing on certificate profile remove
  • Fixed alarm message vibrations
  • Fixed allow use mobile data option in Backup Profile
  • Fixed password change notification when policy changed to sufficient password
  • Fixed files and folders with the same name in Business Documents profile
  • Fixed multiple password reset task
  • Changed Lost Mode to be shown always above Lock Screen
  • Changed Allow factory reset policy on Samsung devices with Device Owner to block it also from recovery mode
  • Changed contact profile edit to download new contacts VCard before remove old contacts
  • Removed Kiosk mixed
  • Removed support for Kiosk single on devices with Samsung Knox activation
v.2.8.10 2022-02-24
  • Fixed sending information about password status
v.2.8.9 2022-01-20
  • Fixed application crash in LostMode when calling application missing
v.2.8.8 2022-01-19
  • Fixed location sending when initiating phone call
  • Removed sending call information with location
v.2.8.7 2022-01-03
  • Fixed managed configuration with SCEP certificate
v.2.8.6 2021-12-02
  • Added handling Wi-Fi policy in Kiosk Settings
  • Fixed Allow adding and delete user accounts policy on Device Owner activation
v.2.8.5 2021-11-30
  • Added Settings to Kiosk profile
v.2.8.4 2021-11-08
  • Fixed revoke device owner policies on deactivate
v.2.8.3 2021-11-03
  • Fixed kiosk images download issues
v.2.8.2 2021-10-13
  • Fixed multiple choice value mapping in managed configuration
  • Added applying APN profile after every SIM card insert
v.2.8.1 2021-10-04
  • Fixed disabling status bar and navigation buttons in Kiosk status
v.2.8.0 2021-09-21
  • Added support for Profile Owner COPE activation
  • Added ability to add multiple APN profiles to the device
  • Added ability to leave all system apps enabled for Device Owner and Profile Owner activation in Settings Tab
  • Added new Device Owner and Profile Owner policies
  • Added functionalities of changing the orientation, turning off the header and opening RecentApss in the Kiosk Profile
  • Added the ability to select the application grid and the location of the application in the Kiosk profile
  • Added the ability to download files to the Download folder on the device in the Business documents profile
  • Added wipe device action for Profile Owner (COPE)
  • Added Preferred APN option for Samsung configuration in the APN profile
  • Added Clear app data action for Device Owner and Profile Owner activation in the device tab
v.2.7.6 2021-09-01
  • Fixed enroll via mobile data on Hammer devices
v.2.7.5 2021-07-11
  • Fixed database migration
v.2.7.4 2021-07-07
  • Fixed database migration for some devices
v.2.7.3 2021-07-06
  • Added an option to show error details with share option on application start
v.2.7.2 2021-06-24
  • Fixed sending active device admins without MTP profile
  • Fixed collecting information about disabled apps
v.2.7.1 2021-06-22
  • Fixed location profile
v.2.7.0 2021-06-22
  • Added enable / disable location on Device Owner with Android 11+
  • Added pattern unlock policy
  • Added Time to lock policy
  • Added allow camera policy for Device Owner
  • Added allow microphone policy for Device Owner
  • Fixed edit location profile type when application restrictions are applied
  • Fixed unwanted WiFi DNS change handling when cellular data is enabled during WiFi change
  • Removed E-FOTA
  • Removed do not disturb notification policy changes
v.2.6.4 2021-05-12
  • Removed do not disturb bypass
v.2.6.3 2021-05-07
  • Fixed AutoEnroll on Lenovo tab devices
v.2.6.2 2021-04-27
  • Fixed deactivate reason on Device Owner activations
  • Fixed audit logs export
  • Fixed alarm message show
v.2.6.1 2021-04-21
  • Added logging info about correct / wrong password enter
  • Added logging info about enable Lost Mode on max password limit reached
  • Added error message payload when unknown error occurred during Backup Force
  • Fixed corporate WIPE on Device Owner when Kiosk Profile is enabled
  • Removed logging of LostMode activity state on Knox activations
v.2.6.0 2021-04-19
  • Added message with dialog for Device Owner and Anti Fraud activations
  • Added corporate WIPE for Device Owner
  • Added sending Proget app versionCode in device status
  • Added factory reset protection policy for Device Owner
  • Added Play Protect app verification policy for Profile Owner
  • Added complex PIN policy
  • Added HTTP unauthorized reaction different than deactivate
  • Changed icons downloader
  • Removed support for Hybrid activation and migration
  • Fixed wallpaper policy state after Wallpaper Profile Add / Edit / Del
  • Fixed install from unknown sources policy state after install app with interaction on Profile Owner
  • Fixed sending not granted Draw Overlay permission status on Android pre Q (10)
  • Fixed enroll Profile Owner from QR code on Hammer devices
v.2.5.4 2021-03-16
  • Added memory optimizations
v.2.5.3 2021-03-04
  • Fixed removing application enterprise configuration on application update
v.2.5.2 2021-03-03
  • Added improvements to sending information on app start
  • Fixed Wallpaper Profile add after previous add failed
  • Fixed application start when “Allow background activity” is disabled
v.2.5.1 2021-03-01
  • Fixed database migration on Android 5.x
v.2.5.0 2021-02-19
  • Added APN configuration for Device Owner
  • Added sending battery Health
  • Added handling MTP Profile unwanted application uninstall
  • Added showing required notifications after application has been removed from Recent Apps
  • Added password reset token verification on app start and password policy change on DO and PO activation
  • Fixed QR code enrollment on devices with Android 11
  • Fixed Ethernet connection treated as WiFi connection in MTP profile
v.2.4.11 2021-01-25
  • Fixed errors handling during wallpaper change
  • Fixed Location Profile add when previously Location Profile was not fully removed
  • Added some memory optimizations
v.2.4.10 2021-01-11
  • Bug fixes
v.2.4.9 2021-01-04
  • Improved managed configuration fix from 2.4.8
v.2.4.8 2020-12-29
  • Fixed handling app managed configuration after app update
v.2.4.7 2020-12-21
  • Fixed handling app managed configuration after uninstall
v.2.4.6 2020-12-09
  • Added checking Sim state in CallForward specification
  • Fixed exporting audit logs from date range when there is no logs
v.2.4.5 2020-11-27
  • Fixed retrieving serial number for Profile Owner activation
v.2.4.4 2020-11-26
  • Fixed problem with Profile Owner activation
  • Added Samsung Timezone package name to Application Restriction white list by default
  • Fixed collecting data usage reports on some devices
  • Fixed removing mail exchange profile status
  • Changed target SDK to 29
  • Added WiFi interaction required element for Android 10+ with Android Enterprise activation
  • Added switch allow outgoing calls policy during calling from LostMode on Device Owner
  • Fixed exit kiosk on Device Owner
  • Removed support for WiFi profile on Android 10+ with non Android Enterprise activation
  • Added Android System WebView app to applications whitelist
  • Removed footer from Kiosk
  • Added Kiosk customization options for Device Owner activation
  • Added use of a free Knox license for other activation types
  • Added Samsung Knox warranty bit verification to MTP profile
  • Added apps multiple versions support (Upgrade/Downgrade required)
  • Added server notification about password status
  • Added restart required dialog after clearing app data in Safe Mode on Device Owner
  • Added WiFi configuration lockdown policy for Device Owner
  • Added defining devices service passwords
  • Added romanian translations
  • Fixed OOM errors during reading from DeviceProperties
  • Fixed Location mode checking on Android 9
  • Fixed SD card size reading when policy doesn’t allow using it
  • Fixed password expiration timeout reset after every password policy change
  • Fixed dialer app kill on Lost Mode emergency call
  • Fixed SIM card change notification
  • Fixed country code migration
  • Fixed device activation through autoenroll and afw#progetmdm
  • The installation of applications that are whitelisted in the application rules for activating Android Enterprise has been improved.
  • Fixed application start after restart with unfinished Knox enrollment
  • Fixed battery optimalization issues on Samsung Knox
  • Fixed logging into kiosk via QR Code on Zebra devices
  • Applying profiles as reaction to Geofencing Profile has been added
  • Added applications whitelist/blacklist to Location Profile for Device Owner
  • Draw overlay permission to required permissions hass been added
  • Added tabs to applications view (File/Store)
  • Added Profile Owner activation QR code for devices with Android 10+
  • Android Enterprise applications feedback has been added
  • Added wallpaper verification on Android 10
  • Changed custom password view to system view
  • Fixed “out of memory” errors during sending large backup files
  • Removing contacts profile with duplicated contacts in different profiles has been fixed
  • Fixed password expire notification on Profile Owner
  • Applications download queue has been fixed
  • Removed EULA acceptation in enroll process
  • Kiosk SINGLE and MIXED compatibility on Knox with Android 10+ has been removed
  • Fixed application deadlock after application update from 1.9.x version
  • Fixed application crashes caused by Knox 2.x legacy support component on Android 8+ with Knox 3.x
  • The application installation process from a file for Android Enterprise Device Owner activation has been improved
  • Fixed granting application permissions for devices with Samsung KNOX activation and Android 5.*
  • Hidden keys support for application configuration has been fixed
  • The process of adding an Android Enterprise account has been improved
  • Added support for re-adding Enterprise account for Device Owner activation
  • Locked removing Enterprise account for Device Owner activation
  • Added SCEP profile support for Android Enterprise activations (Profile Owner and Device Owner)
  • Fixed autoenrollment for devices added to KME with device admin profile
  • Fixed deleting ActiveSync profile during device deactivation
  • Added SCEP profile support for Knox activations
  • Password expiration policy has been fixed
  • Kiosk profile in application box mode has been improved
  • The bug with unnecessary storage of Proget application files after uninstalling has been fixed
  • Activation with Knox Mobile Enrollment has been fixed
  • Fixed clearing data in safe mode for Android Enterprise – Work Manged Device activation
  • Fixed sending “Device has connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi” status when the option isn’t enabled in MTP profile
  • Added notification when a device with Android 8 or newer is connected to an unknown Wi-Fi
    • Devices since Android 8 need enabled GPS services to verify Wi-Fi connection
  • Fixed “Disable navigation buttons” option in Kiosk profile
    • Device navigation buttons were disabled despite the other Kiosk profile settings.
  • Fixed a bug, where multiapp kiosk profiles required logging in by default, if the server hasn’t been updated to v.2.2
  • Backup feature has been separated to the external Proget Backup application
    • With version 2.2, the functions of performing and restoring contacts, messages and call list will be performed by an external Proget Backup application
  • Added multi application Kiosk with “require login” option
    • The feature allows to use multi application Kiosk profile with “reqiure login” option. To use this kind of Kiosk, user must provide login credentials. The feautre works only for Android Enterprise – Device Owner activation.
  • Added the Connect button for Wi-Fi profiles in the Device tab.
  • Improved the auto connection process for hidden Wi-Fi networks specified in Wi-Fi profiles.
  • The error related to sending the application configuration has been fixed.
  • Activation of Profile Owner and Device Owner activation has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug related to the device unlock policy using fingerprint for activating Profile Owner and Device Owner.
  • Fixed a bug with the remote control while using the Remote Desktop function on devices with Samsung KNOX
v 2.1.02019-12-05
  • The new Geofencing profile has been introduced.
    • The Geofencing profile is designed to monitor and define the zones in which the user can move. It allows the administrator to monitor and set the zone within which the user can stay. The device administrator can define in advance the actions on the device that will be performed when the user is in the zone or is outside it. When the device leaves the set zone, the previously defined actions on the device are performed.
  • Changes have been made to the “Take action after exceeding device inactivity time” policy.
    • The action set out in the policy was not carried out after the allotted time. Currently reported inactivity (specified in the policy), results in the correct action.
  • Fixed Android Enterprise – Device Owner activation
  • Activation for devices with Knox 3.4+ has been fixed
  • Introduced a remake of the Proget app user interface design
    • The design of the Proget app has been completely remade. All tabs now have a much more modern and consistent design.
  • Introduced the new Mobile Threat Prevention profile
    • The Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) profile aims to improve the security of all enrolled devices. It allows the administrator to monitor his device fleet and set up automatic reactions to security breaches.
  • Fixed Application Rule profile
    • The bug occurring when adding and editing a profile has been fixed
  • The dialog which appears while saving a new contact by the user in business contacts profile has been removed
    • The dialog reported the possible loss of contacts that were saved by the user to the business contacts profile. Currently, the dialog is unnecessary, because the feature introduced in 1.14.0 prevents this situation.
  • The predefined list of enabled and disabled system applications for Work Pofile activation has been removed
    • The application previously had lists of system applications that are enabled and disabled.
  • The timeout for add/edit task of business contacts profile has been removed
    • Previously, the application had a timeout for task execution, after which the unfinished task was interrupted
  • The container creation process for Profile Owner activation has been fixed
    • Some devices had a problem with creating the container when activating Profile Owner
  • Fixed statuses of blocked / unlocked applications when activating Profile Owner
  • Realm access from incorrect thread.
  • Deletion of contacts profile added before 1.14 without migration.
  • Added uninstall blocking for applications marked as “required”
    • This feature protects applications marked as “required” from being removed from the device.
  • Added contact IDs storing in Contacts profile
    • The feature identifies the contact added by the user to the device, which was saved in the Contacts profile. After deleting the profile, the contacts added by the user remain on the device.
  • Auto enrollment has been improved
    • The fix improves the performance and stability of automatic activation.
  • Fixed getting sim card data for devices with Android 5.0
  • Fixed sending deactivation reason
  • Fixed launching of apps for devices with DirectBoot and Profile Owner activation
    • Some devices with DirectBoot and a Profile Owner activation had issues with launching applications. After initiating an app, a loader appeared that didn’t close. The implemented fix resolves this issue.
  • Fixed handling of failed Android Enterprise account creation during Android Enterprise: Device Owner enrollment
  • The fix allows the user to retry the activation process after a failed Android Enterprise account creation attempt during the device activation.
  • Fixed cached “RegType”
  • The fix checks the cached registration type on the device. If its value is “null” or “not_registered”, it will be fetch the according registration type from the database and update the variable.
  • Fixed DirectBoot notification on Samsung devices
  • Samsung devices before the fix displayed notifications of the DirectBoot feature, which has not been yet added for them in the application.
  • Added cancellation dialog for autoenrollment
    • The feature allows to cancel the autoenrollment process by clicking on the “back” button during the registration and confirming the message in the new dialog.
  • Granting missing RuntimePermission on application start for Android Enterprise activations has been added
    • Running the application will check and grant the necessary permissions if they are missing
  • Added device auto enrollment
    • The feature allows to activate devices using auto enrollment
  • DirectBootAware password reset has been added
    • Devices with Android 8.0 or higher and File-Based Encryption now have an option, which allows to reset the password after a device restart
  • Added Knox License reactivation
    • The KNOX license now automatically reactivates after an update for Android OS
  • Changed installation of certificates (Android MDM)
    • The device has a required action prompt after a Certificate profile has been added to it. After accepting the prompt, the certificate will be installed on the device
  • Added notification with a list of detected apps with admin permissions
  • Password reset support for Knox MDM on Android 9 has been added
  • The user will now be notified about the inability to permanently add a contact from the device to a Business contacts profile
  • Added Smart Lock configuration to policy
  • Added Connectivity profile
  • Kiosk Profile delete on unsupported regType will remove failed profile from applied profiles (Device View)
  • Changed the Proget logo
  • Fixed password force reset – Profile Owner
  • Move file to different directory in Business Files profile has been fixed
  • Serial numbers downloading process has been improved
  • Translations in Russian has been added
  • Restoring factory settings has been improved
  • Device deactivation reason has been added
  • The data consumption report sending has been improved
  • Back-up support for biometric data configuration has been improved
  • Improved updating of the Proget application from versions lower than 1.5
  • Date was corrected when exporting text messages
  • The status of the Android Enterprise permissions policy has been fixed
  • Android Profile Owner – added identifying business contacts for incoming calls
  • Support for iris scanner and face recognition has been added while unlocking the device
    • The function allows the user to configure the iris scanner and face recognition and use this function to unlock the device. This rule applies only to devices running Android 9.0 and later.
  • The application rule profile has been improved
  • Android Profile Owner – support for finding business contacts in a private zone has been added
  • Reporting of data usage has been fixed
  • The backup operation has been improved
    • The backup performance has been improved right after rebooting the device
  • The business contacts has been improved
  • Remote desktop operation has been improved
  • Added password expiration notification
    • Before the password expires on the device, the user will be notified of the expiration date and will have chance to change the password after clicking the appropriate button in the notification.
  • The backup method has been changed to incremental
    • The backup will now be done incrementally. This means that at the time of making a copie, only data that has been added or modified since the last backup is sent to the server. This change should significantly improve the speed of making copies and reduce internet data usage during this process.
  • Added a notification about the expiration of the KNOX license
    • After the KNOX license expires on the device, the you will receive a notification to which you will be able to renew the license (if current licenses have been made available on the MDM server).
  • The application rule profile has been improved
    • After updating the profile, the applications will be blocked / unblocked dynamically (instead of reattaching the whole profile).
  • Fixed display of data on the external memory of the device
  • The Kiosk profile has been improved in the application box mode
  • Password change for Android Enterprise has been improved
  • WAP_PUSH restriction has been removed
  • The option of using Proget Remote Control for non-Knox activation has been added
    • You can use Proget Remote Control with its full capabilities on devices with all Android Enterprise and Android MDM activations.
  • Android Enterprise Wi-Fi configuration has been added
    • The user for the activation types: Android Enterprise, Android Enterprise Profile Owner and Android Enterprise Device Owner will be able to add the configuration of the Wi-Fi profile.
  • Application support with administrator mode set
    • The user will be notified of an unallowed action if he tries to delete or block the application with the administrator mode set on the device.
  • The ability to enable the navigation bar in the KIOSK (Device Owner) profile has been added
    • In the configuration of KIOSK profiles, you can enable the display of the navigation buttons on the device (Home, Back, Recent apps). The option is available only for activation of Android Enterprise – Device Owner.
  • Policy added: Require device lock with wrong password
    • For all Android activation, you can now set up a “Require device lock with wrong password” policy. The policy works in a similar way to the “Number of attempts to unlock” policy, with the difference that the device is not restored to the factory settings, but only blocked by setting the device into Lost Mode.
  • The possibility of making full use of the Proget Remote application for non-KNOX activation has been added
    • The Proget Remote app now works in a correct way for all Android activations (you can interact with the device from the Proget console).
  • The application configuration for Android Enterprsie – Profile Owner has been fixed
  • Change of EULA
    • Change of item 6 in End-user license agreement
  • Improving the Kiosk profile
    • It has been blocked to leave the multicast for Android 8+
  • Improved password reset for Samsung KNOX activation
    • In the mobile application, a field will be forced to set a new password, without the need to remember the one previously used.