In the device tab you will find a table with information on all devices activated on the currently used Proget console.

Sorting and filtering devices


You can sort the devices, using each attribute you are interested in, by clicking on the arrow icon next to the column headings of the table. The upward arrow means ascending sorting, while the downward pointing is descending sorting.

Filtering in a text window

You can also filter the results, using keywords. Just enter the keyword you want to filter by into the according field. The results are filtered dynamically when entering text.

Advanced filtering

You can also use additional filters, that can be accessed by clicking on the Expand advanced filters located beneath the standard filters. After this action the filtering panel expands, revealing an area with additional filtering options.

Actions on devices

Right above the devices list you will find the Action Bar, which can be used to perform certain actions on a device, like blocking it, resetting its password, sending a message or exporting data. You can find a list of actions under the Select option tooltip.

To perform an action on a device, simply select a device by clicking on its checkbox to the the left of the table. Next, select the desired action you want to perform. Note, that not all actions are available for all devices.

In case you want to select more than one device for an action, simply select the checkboxes of all devices you want to perform on. After that, select an option like you would with one device. Note, that if an action isn’t available for at least one device, the action won’t be performable.