Adding policies

Policies in the Proget system allow you to easily limit user’s access of functionalities that are found on mobile devices. Thanks to policies we can, for a selected group of devices, impose the desired complexity of the password, limit the use of the camera, or prohibit the use of Google services. Policies are grouped up by type of activation. You will also find predefined default policies that are compatible with device activations.

To add a policy that you can change to your individual requirements, go to the Policies tab and then click the Add Policy button.

The required fields are Name and Compatibility. Compatibility should be selected according to the type of activation that the device you want to use will have.

After clicking the Save button you will be redirected to the policy details.

Basic policy

Depending on the compatibility, we will be able to configure policies in such areas as: Password, Security, Functionality, Applications. Below you will find a general description of all policy groups. Policy elements may vary depending on the selected activation.

On the Policy Details tab, there are the Password, Functionality, Applications and Security tabs.

Password Tab

Here you can specify password requirements on the device. In addition to the complexity of the password (None, Pattern, Numeric Password, Composite Password), you can define:

  • Password length,After clicking the Save button you will be redirected to the policy details.
  • Number of unlock attempts,
  • Number of saved passwords,
  • Validity of the password,
  • Show password.

Android Enterprise Profile Owner activation also have an additional Password tab for respectice container.

Functionality Tab

Allows you to limit the use of device functionalities available to the user of the device such as:

  • The camera,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Location,
  • Device settings.

Applications Tab

In this tab, you can limit the user’s access to the app store and define whether or not he is allowed to uninstall applications.

Security Tab

Here you can restrict the user’s access to various functionalities of the device, such as:

  • Allow the user to deactivate the MDM agent,
  • Allow application data to be cleaned,
  • Allow using two SIM cards at the same time,
  • Take action when the device’s inactivity timeout is exceeded,
  • Force the device to connect to the server periodically,
  • Require device encryption.


To learn more about policies for a given type of activation, use the links below.
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