In the Proget console, we have the ability to manage users.
Users can be added either as domain or locally. To do this, go to the Users tab, click the Add user button and select one of the options presented:

  • To add a single domain user, select the option add a user from your organization,
  • To add a single local user, select the option add a local user,
  • To add multiple users at once, select the option add users from a CSV file.

Adding domain users

First, click the Add a user from your organization button,

Enter the name of the user you want to add into the search field and then press the Search button. If the user is in the domain directory, his name should appear in the search results:

Select the user, then click Next. In the next step, assign the user to a group. By default, you will have two groups, admins and users, at your disposal, although all your configured groups will also be displayed here.

You can now assign the desired group to the new user, either by double-clicking the LMB on a group or by selecting a group and clicking on the right arrow button. The assigned group(s) will be displayed in the list on the right side.. It is possible to select multiple groups, just hold CTRL and LMB to select the groups you want to assign.

Click the Next button. In the last step, a summary with information about the user you are about to add will be displayed. If everything is in order, simply click Save.

After saving, we should get information that the user has been correctly added, and the new user will be displayed on the Users tab.

Add local users

If we do not have a domain account, we can also create a local user. To do this, go to the Users tab and then click Add local user.

Enter all the necessary data in the coresponding fields: First name, Last name, E-mail address, User name. You can also optionally add a phone number.

After entering the data, click Next.

In the second step, you can assign a group to the user. From the selection box on the left, you can choose a default group already included in the system or a group that has been previously created. Choose the desired group. Then click Next.

In the last step, you will get a summary with the information about which the user you are about to add and which groups you have chosen for the user. If you do not want to change data, click Submit.

If the user is saved correctly, the notification The user of the local administrator has been added will appear, additionally an address will be generated to set the password for the user.

You can set the password by going to the address contained in the link and entering a new user password and confirming the action with the Submit button.

After saving, we will be able to log in with the credentials of the newly created user.

Adding users from a CSV file

To add multiple users at once, go to the Users tab, click the Add user button and select Add users from a CSV file from the dropdown menu.

In the window that appears, select whether the users you want to add from the file are local or domain users.

Sample files with user data:

If you downloaded a local user with headers, select local and yes.

Then in the Add .csv file with users field, click + Select file by uploading the downloaded file.

Go to the next step by clicking Next. The sample import result will look like this:

It is necessary to set the necessary headers, which are: First name, Last name, User name and Email address. Then click Next.

For users, assign the appropriate group by double-clicking it LMB or pressing the arrow button once. After making your selection, go to the last step by clicking the Next button.

In the last step, a summary with the number of users along with the groups that we assigned will be displayed. If you do not want to change data, click Save.

After saving, the information about the correct addition of the user will be displayed. For more users, you will see the number of users who have been queued to add.