To be able to take full advantage of all types of device activations, you must first configure the appropriate settings on your system. In this part, we will show you how to properly carry out the first system configuration.

Configure the LDAP connections list

Manage LDAP connections are used to to synchronize directory services.

To add an LDAP connection, go to the Settings tab, then select the LDAP connections list from the configuration list. In the tab that appears, click Add Active Directory Connection.

The required fields when adding a new connection are: Name, Domain, Hostname, Port, User and Password.

Additional options are: Encryption and the ability to add attributes that are configured in the directory service.
You can also add a previously configured Connector (Connector configuration).

If you have filled in the form correctly, click the Save button. After a short wait time, we’ll get the information: The connection has been successfully added. In addition, the newly created profile should appear in the LDAP connections list.

SMTP Configuration

An SMTP service is used to send activation messages and notifications to the users via e-mail.

To configure it, go to the Settings tab, then select SMTP from the configuration list.

The necessary fields are: Displayed sender name, Sender's e-mail, SMTP server, SMTP port. You can also set the encryption type of the send mails as well as a custom user, that will be displayed as the sender. After filling up all the required the fields, click the Save button.

If the configuration is correct you will receive the information: The SMTP server configuration has been successfully added.


The Connector feature allows to connect the console with an external LDAP protocol located on another server.

To add a Connector configuration, go to the Settings tab, then select the Connector from the configuration list and click on the Add Connector button.

The required fields are: Name, Address, Port. To save the configuration click on the Submit button.

The correctly added Connector will appear on the list.

Apple Push Notification Service

Managing Apple devices should begin from activating them. For this purpose, generate an iOS activation link. The link will be available only after configuration the Apple Push Notification Service correctly.

First, add the Apple Push Notification Service certificate by going to the Integrations tab and selecting the Apple Push Notification Service option from the configuration list.

Click on the Generate Apple Push Notification Service Certificate Signing Request button to download the applepush.csr certificate for your server. The downloaded certificate should be sent to Apple by clicking the Apple Push Certificates Portal.

The Apple IDMSA service will be opened in a new browser page. You will need to enter your Apple ID credentials to log in. If you do not have an account yet, create one by clicking here.

After logging in, click the Create a Certificate button.

If you have read the terms of use, check the checkbox and click Accept. You can now upload your applepush.csr certificate by clicking on the Select file button. After you have uploade the file, a confirmation will be displayed and the option to download another certificate will appear. The name of this file should be MDM_Proget Sp. z o.o._Certificate.pem. Download it.

After downloading the Apple Push notification Service certificate, click on the Import Apple Push Notification Service certificate button where you can upload the file MDM_ Sp. z o.o._Certificate.pem. If the certificate is correctly uploaded, the status should change and the date of expiration of the certificate along with its UID will appear.

Now you can generate activation links for iOS devices by going to My card and clicking the Generate activation button.

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is used to streamline the process of issuing Apple devices to end users. The program allows you to automatically activate Apple devices on the Proget server when you start the device or after you restore the device to its factory settings. The program also allows you to define the stages of the first start-up of the device and remote start of the supervisor mode.

To configure Apple Business Manager go to the Integrations tab and select Apple Business Manager from the configuration list.

First, click the Download server public key button.

Then go to the Business Apple website, log in and go to the MDM Servers tab. Here, click on the Add new MDM server button.

Enter the server name and upload the previously downloaded public key, save the server and generate the server token. Finally, download the newly generated token.

The last action is to upload the generated token to the Proget server by clicking the Import the Apple Push Notification Service certificate button.

Android Enterprise

To be able to activate devices via one of the Android Enterprise (Device Owner, Profile Owner) activations, you need to configure Android Enterprise. Without configuration some of the activation methods on the activation page will be disabled during the device enrollment process.

Android Enterprise provides extended security, management and application support functions, including sending configurations for devices with Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

In order to configure your Android Enterpise account, navigate to the Integrations tab, then select Android Enterprise from the configuration list and click the Add configuration button.

You will be redirected to the Android Enterprise service website, where you will have to follow the instructions to register your company. After succesfully signing up, you will be able to generate Android Enterpise activations for your devices. You can access them by going to the My Card tab and clicking the Generate activation button. You will now have the possibility to choose two more types of activation: Android Enterprise – Device Owner and Android Enterprise – Profile Owner.

Samsung KME

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment is the fastest and most automated way of registering a large number of devices.

After the IT administrator registers the device in the service (using IMEI number or serial number), the device’s user can initiate the MDM registration process during the initial device configuration process. Everything is done using Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G networks.

You can find the instructions to set up your Samsung KME configuration here.

Apps and Books

The group purchasing program (Apps and Books) enables companies and institutions to purchase applications and distribute them to employees’ devices. The program enables wholesale purchase of free and paid applications. Assigning an application license to the device allows you to install the application without an iTunes account.

Before we start adding a Apps and Books account we need to create a new location on the Business Apple website. After logging in to the account, we have to go to the Locations tab and then Add a new location.

After entering the necessary data, click the Save button.

In the next step, we need to add the desired application to our location. To do this, go to the Applications and Books tab and search for the application you are interested in.

You can now click directly on the application of your choosing, where you will get the opportunity to purchase a license.

In the Assign to field, add the previously created location with the number of licenses that you want to purchase for the selected application. After the transaction is completed, click the Download button. Before you create a new Apps and Books account, you will need to download the server token. To do this, click Settings, then go to My server tokens, select the created location and then click Download.

Download the sToken_for_ExampleServer.vpptoken file. The downloaded token can be uploaded to the Proget console by going to the Integrations tab, then Apps and Books and clicking on the Add button.

Enter a Name for your Apps and Books account and upload the downloaded file sToken_for_ExampleServer.vpptoken by clicking the Add button.

After entering all the necessary data, click the Save button. If the data is correct, a new Apps and Books account will be created and shown in the list.