The Geofencing profile

The Geofencing profile allows the administrator to monitor and set zones in which the user can stay. The device administrator can define in advance the actions on the device that will be performed when the user is in the zone or is outside it. When the user exceeds the preset zone, the device’s predefined actions are performed.

 In the Profile tab from the list of side menu select the Geofencing profile and then click the Create button.

After clicking the ‘Create’ button, go to the ‘Add Geofencing’ window. In this window, enter the name, optionally you can add a profile and specify what actions on the device should be performed when the user is outside the designated zone.

To set a zone, click the ‘Add new zone’ button and you will be moved to the ‘Add new Geofencing zone’ window, in which you can configure the newly added point by entering the name and determining its coordinates.

The place where you want to set the zone can be searched by entering the name of the selected city in the Search box at the top of the map, but if you know in which area the place where you want to set the zone is located, just click on this place on the map. The zone can be defined by clicking the cursor on the map and moving it away from the designated point, which allows you to set the radius of the zone. Confirm the radius by clicking again.

After determining the area in which the zone is to be located, you can specify actions on the device that will take place when the user enters the designated zone.

For the profile to work properly, the Geofencing application must be installed on the device.

A correctly completed profile appears in the Geofencing profile list.