IMAP/POP Profile

The POP / IMAP profile determines how to connect to mail servers via POP or IMAP to synchronize email data.

To create a new profile, go to the Profiles tab, from the configuration table, select IMAP / POP profile and click the Add Profile button.

In order for the profile to work, you must complete the form fields correctly:

  • Name – the name of the profile
  • Description – additional description of the profile
  • Email – the email for which the service is configured (the variable {UserEmail} will automatically enter the email of the user to whom the profile is assigned)
  • Name of the account – the name of the account in the application on the mobile device (the variable {UserDisplayName} will automatically enter the name consisting of the name of the user to which the profile is assigned)
  • Signature of the message – the name that will be displayed in the Sender field in sent e-mails (also you can use the {UserDisplayName} variable)
  • Account type – we define whether the account is of type IMAP or POP
  • Set as default – checking the box will assign the account from the profile as the default mail account on the device
  • Enable notifications – checking the box allows displaying notifications regarding mail from the profile on the device
  • Message stand – allows you to configure the text added to the message footer of each email message
  • Incoming and outgoing server data:
    • Address – server address for incoming (imap / pop) / outgoing (eg.SMTP)
    • User name – access name to the incoming / outgoing mail server
    • Password – password for incoming / outgoing mail server
    • Safety mode – allows you to select a protocol (or its absence) by means of which the connection to the server is encrypted
    • Port – the port number on which the incoming / outgoing e-mail service is performed

When creating a profile, global variables may be helpful, the list of which can be displayed from the user options

In the form displayed, fill out the required fields and click Submit.

A correctly saved profile will appear in the configuration list on the left. To edit, copy or delete a profile, select it from the list, then click Edit or Delete.