Actions on a device with iOS activation

In the My card tab, on the Active devices tab, the operations that the user can perform on the device are available.

Lock the device screen

The action Lock the device screen blocks the screen of the device, after which it is necessary to enter the password.

Reset password

It is necessary to change the password of the device after clicking on Reset password action.

Clear device data

Action Clear device data Restores the device to factory settings.

Clear business data

The action Clear business data is used to deactivate the device and delete all business data stored on the device.

Send a message

Action Send a message sends a text message to the device that can be read in the Proget application.

After clicking the icon a window appears in which you enter the message.

Emergency message

Action Emergency message sends a text message which is additionally signalled by an audible alarm.

After clicking the icon a window appears in which you enter the message.

Refresh the device

Action Refresh the device refreshes communication with the device and retrieves its current data.

Turn on \ Disable Lost mode

If you have a device in Supervised Mode, you get access to the action Enable Lost mode.

After clicking on the icon a window appears. Here you can enter the message and the contact phone number shown on the blocked device. Confirm by pressing the Enable button.

Turning on the lost mode limits the number of operations. One of them is to disable the lost mode, which returns the device to its previous state. If we have a location profile, it is possible to locate the blocked device.