iOS – device activation

Having a device with the iOS operating system, you can easily activate the device in the Proget console. If you learned about the first steps, you can use the Proget system in a more advanced way to suit your needs.

To activate the device with the IOS system, you must select the IOS activation.

iOS – Apple Business Manager

The supervised mode allows the use of extended functions limiting and configuring the device.
To use it you need to have the correct Apple Business Manager configuration, which was described in the first steps (Apple Business Manager). Then go to the Business Apple page to the tab Device allocation.

To add a device, enter its serial number and select the Allocate actions to the server.

After the list appears, select the MDM server where you want to activate the device and click Done.

Then go to the Proget server to the Integrations tab, select Apple Business Manager from the menu on the left and click the Synchronize button.

A correctly added device will appear in the Devices tab. If you have a default Apple Business Manager profile, it will be automatically connected to the device, otherwise select the device and click on Add to Apple Business Manager profile .

Choose the previously created Apple Business Manager profile and click Add button.

A device with a correctly added profile will have Apple icon next to model name.

Start the device on which you can carry out the start-up configuration (first start, restore factory settings).

Go through the initial configuration of the device, for which access to the Internet (Wi Fi, packet data) is necessary.
If the device has been correctly added to Apple Business Manager, you will receive the message Remote management where you can enter data from the generated activation.

The device will appear on the user card.

Apple Business Manager – resellers

The Device Enrollment Program can be obtained through resellers. Their list can be found on this site.