Kiosk Profile


The Kiosk profile for Android devices allows you to limit the use of the device only to specific applications. You can use the Kiosk profile to configure the device to use only one or several specific applications.

The Kiosk profile is available for the activation of Samsung KNOX, Android Enterprise – Device Owner for Android devices from version 6.0 and applications from version 1.6.0.

To add a new profile, go to the profiles tab and select Kiosk Profile and click Create button.

Then fill in the Name field and optionally a description. Depending on the needs, you can mark the checkboxes that are interesting.

  • Turn off the power button – available for activation Samsung KNOX,
  • Turn off the volume buttons,
  • Do not turn off the screen while charging.

The next step is to select the profile mode.

  • Single application – allows you to use only one selected application,
  • Many applications – allows you to use several selected applications,
  • Mixed – combines the functions of single and mixed modes. The initial view resembles the many applications mode, but after switching on one of the applications it is not possible to disable it if you do not know the PIN set when creating the profile,
  • Application container.

In order to leave the kiosk profile on the device, enter the set PIN after clicking the home button once.

The last step is adding the application using the Add button and saving the profile.

A correctly saved profile will appear in the menu on the left. To edit or delete a profile, select its name and click the appropriate button. Editing the Kiosk profile does not allow you to change its mode.

Multi app – Customization

Since version 2.4 administrator can customize kiosk in Multi app mode. New fields have been added such as:

  • Logo,
  • Header color,
  • Header text color,
  • Header text,
  • App text color,
  • Background color or image,
  • Number of columns.

Multi app – Require Login

The new Require Login feature has been introduced for multi app Kiosk profiles on devices with the Android Enterprise – Device Owner activation. A device with such a configured profile will require logging in each time the device will be unlocked. To create a profile, you first need to enter the credentials for a superuser, in case the device doesn’t have internet access.

To create the login credentials for user, go to the Users tab, check the user’s checkbox and click on the PIN icon.

The login details which can be exported will appear in the window.

Each time a user unlocks the device, he will have to pass his login details or use a QR code.

All users login attempts will be displayed in the table on the Users tab of the device card.


The Kiosk Profile for iOS works only on devices with an enabled supervisor mode. Assigning the profile allows it to limit the usage of the device to only one app.

To add a new Kiosk profile, go to the Profiles tab, select Kiosk from the list of profiles, and click on the Add Profile button. The required fields to save the profile are Name, Compatibility and App. Enter the name for your profile into the Name field. Next, click on the iOS button in the Compatibility field. The last thing needed to configure the Kiosk profile is to choose the app you wish to be available in the Kiosk mode. You can either manually enter add an application by entering it’s package id or you can add an application from the list of apps, that are already entered into the system.

After correctly configuring the profile, click on the Submit button to save the profile.

It is also possible to enable or disable additional options, which will be applied to the saved Kiosk profile. Those options are:

  • Disable volume buttons,
  • Disable touch,
  • Disable Screen rotation,
  • Disable Ringer switch,
  • Disable Sleep/Wake button,
  • Disable Auto Lock,
  • Enable VoiceOver,
  • Enable Zoom,
  • Enable Invert Colors,
  • Enable AssistiveTouch,
  • Enable Speak Selection,
  • Enable Mono Audio.