The instruction presented below does not apply to activations using enrollment programs (Samsung – KME and iOS – Apple Business Manager), as well as the Android Enterprise – Device Owner activation, which are more complicated forms of device registration.

Launch Google Play on your device. Search for the application Proget and install it.

Then log into the Proget console. Go to the tab of the user you want to assign the device to. Click on the Users tab and select the user from the list.

Once you are on the user’s tab, click on the Generate activation button.

Choose one of the three activations – Android, Samsung KNOX, or Android Enterprise - Profile Owner. Click on Generate activation to proceed.

Next, run the Proget application on the device, accept the license agreement, grant the required permissions and register the device by using the generated data from the MDM console or by scanning the QR code with your device’s camera.

Run the applications as a device administrator, grant permissions and wait until the app finishes the configuration process of the device.

Once properly activated, the device will appear in the user’s tab. Assigned policies and profiles that are compatible with the selected activation type will be applied to the device.


Log into the Proget console. Go to the My card tab and click the Generate activation button.

Select the iOS activation and click the Generate activation button again.

Open Safari browser and go to generated address (server address + /app/apple). After page reloading, you will need to provide generated activation credentials. Instead of doing previous steps you can just scan QR code by camera app.

For devices with system version 12.2 and higher, after downloading the profile, a message will be displayed to go to settings and install the profile.
On the device, go to Settings -> General -> Profile.

A properly activated device will appear in My tab. Assigned policies and profiles that match the selected activation type will be delivered to the device.

When activating the device for all types of Android Enterprise, its encryption may be required, depending on your model. Encryption is necessary for further registration in the Proget system.


To activate the device with the Windows system, you must select the WINDOWS activation.

After generating the activation, on our operating system go to ‘Settings’, then enable in ‘Accounts’

Choose ‘Access work or study’

Then click ‘Register only in the device management service’

In the next step, enter the e-mail account of the user who generated the activation and click the ‘Next’ button

In the next stage, enter the server address that we received in the generated activation, and then click ‘Next’

Going to the next stage of activation, we must enter the password that we will find in the generated activation, and then click the ‘Activate’ button

After the information about the connection time of several minutes appears, click ‘Understand’

After a short moment, the view with access to the workplace or study should refresh and you will see information about the connection to the MDM service.

The device should also be available in the ‘My Card’ tab