MTP Profile

The Mobile Threat Prevention profile serves as the first line of defence for your devices against hostile actors and malicious programs. It automatically detects threats to the integrity of your devices data and allows you to configure reactions to those threats. You could for example set up a condition, where the phone automatically turns off all Wi-Fi services, if the user connects to a rogue Wi-Fi network.

To add a new MTP profile, go to the Profiles tab, select MTP from the configuration list and click the Create button.

Choose a name for your new profile. If you want, you can also add a description for the profile.

You can choose which threats the profile should detect. Threats are divided into 3 different categories:

  • Device protection – general threats that directly affect the device and its core functions,
  • Application security – detects threats injected into the device via external applications installed by the user,
  • Network traffic analysis – threats in the connection of the device with the internet.

To turn on a threat detector, simply click on its slider. To learn more about a threat detector, simply hover with your mouse over its tooltip icon and a detailed description will appear.

The threat detector is now turned on for this action. To set up a reaction for the specified event, select one from the drop down menu to the right.

Note: It is advised not to use the Wipe device and Wipe company data reactions too liberately. The threat detectors detect threats and do not necessarily mean that the device has been compromised.

Repeat this for all the threat detectors you want to set up. After you are done with configuring the profile, click on the Submit button.