My card

The My card tab gives you information about a user and devices that have been assigned to him. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to perform actions on the user and the active devices.

My card – user

This part offers insight into basic informations about the user, his current activation type, groups to which he is assigned, and what profiles, policies and applications are given by these groups.

Here you can also edit the users groups and generate activations.

My Card – active devices

This part of the card gives you information about all activated user devices and allows you to perform operations on them.

The device information tab is divided into 11 parts:

  • Details – general information about the device itself as well as security issues,
  • Policies – contains info about the current policy of the device as well as the option to edit it,
  • Profiles – a list of all profiles assigned to the device as well as the possibility to edit the list,
  • Applications – a list with all installed apps on the device. You can also perform different actions on the applications located on the device,
  • Location – contains information of the whereabouts of the device,
  • Backups – here you can create backups and restore them on the phone,
  • Reports – allows you to create reports about the device data usage,
  • Export – allows to extract contact details from the phone,
  • Audit log – here you can download a very detailed of all actions ,performed by the Proget app on the phone,
  • Tasks – a list of all actions, that have been performed on the phone,
  • Photos during device lock – all photos made by the device while it is locked will be stored here.

The next part of the My Card tab is the list of actions, that you can perform on the device. They may vary depending on activation.

  • Lock device – blocks the use of the device,
  • Unlock device – disables device block,
  • Lock the device screen,
  • Wipe company data – deletes the data provided by activation,
  • Send message – sends a text message to the device that can be read in the Proget application,
  • Send alert – sends a text message to the device that is being alarmed by the sound,
  • Forward phone calls – diverts all calls to the given number,
  • Refresh device – refreshes communication with the device,
  • Change the device password,
  • Reboot device,
  • Change your business password.

The last element of the My Card tab is located to the left of the screen. Here you can give the device an alias, force the synchronization with the device, check on the battery and used memory space as well as generate a service password for the device.