Android Enterprise Device Owner – Allows add Wi-Fi connections policy

When Allows add Wi-Fi connections policy is disabled, there is no possibility to set a new Wi-Fi connection manually on the device. To add a new network connection first add a Wi-Fi profile, launch Proget app, click on Device button, find Wi-Fi profile and click on “Connect” button.

Kiosk Box – missing shortcut

If Lost Mode is enabled on the device, it may happen that a shortcut will not be created when you add a Kiosk application box.

Android Enterprise Device Owner – installing application from file for Xiaomi devices

When trying to install an application from a file and an “internal error” occurs, then you need to enable the Developer Options and inside them disable the MIUI optimization.

iOS activation for iOS 12.2

For devices with an iOS version 12.2 or above the user has to manually go to the settings to install a new profile (in earlier versions the user is automatically redirected to the settings page). This issue is caused by changes implemented by Apple to improve the security of users’ devices.

Android Enterprise Profile Owner – self-changing passwords on Huawei devices with Android 8 or 8.1

On Huawei devices with an Android OS of version 8 or 8.1 and Profile Owner installed it is possible for the container password to change itself while updating the EMUI launcher. This issue is caused by a software bug from Huawei, who are working on a solution. At the moment, the only solution to this issue is reinstalling the Profile Owner.

Android Enterprise – Device Owner on Nokia devices with android 8

During the first configuration of the device (along with the activation of the Android Enterprise Device Owner, after installing the Proget application and correct passage through the activation screen, the device will continue the system configuration process, which will temporarily disable the Proget application, the screen will display the prompt “Proget application MDM does not respond. ” Skip this message by clicking the screen next to the dialog box and continue the configuration of the device, after its completion the Proget application will complete the activation and create an Android Enterprise account.

Android Enterprise Device Owner – the option to exit KIOSK using the IBM VERSE application

By adding the Newsstand profile in the Multiple applications mode, where we set the IBM VERSE application. When Kiosk is turned on, then the IBM Verse application, and several times, the Back button will change the view of the kiosk to the device’s desktop view. You can return to Newsstand by clicking the HOME button. To prevent the problem from occurring, add all related applications to the IBM VERSE application to the kiosk.

Uninstalling / blocking applications with assigned administrator rights – Android

If we have an application (with Android) on the device that has assigned administrator rights (eg Gmail, Find My Device), we may encounter problems related to blocking or forcing its removal from the Proget console.
To resolve this problem, disable administrator rights for the application on the mobile device. To do this, search the Device Admin tab in the device settings (the tab is most often in the security settings → Other security settings), then select the application and click Disable.

Running applications on HUAWEI devices

When restarting HUAWEI mobile devices running Android, installed applications, including the Proget mobile application, are launched only after entering the device password. Because of this, some MDM features may not work immediately after starting the device.

Can’t choose the Proget application when restoring SMS / MMS messages in the activation of the Android Profile Owner

The contacts application is a shared application between a business and private area. Backing up in Profile Owner could affect user privacy.

Problem with force password change on Android 6 devices

On devices with Android version 6 there is a problem for changing the device password. If we force such a change on the user whose current password is a PIN number, then after select the PIN again as a new password and enters a combination that contains the same number of digits as the previous code – the system will not provide information about the PIN change. This may involve the problem of repeatedly forcing the change of the PIN code to a new one (loop).

Android Enterprise Profile Owner – it is currently not possible to restore contacts from a backup on Huawei devices

During the contacts restoration process, the Contacts app can’t receive the needed permissions to store data.
This is caused by the inability to manage permissions of system applications on Huawei systems.

Samsung KNOX – the “Allow unlock device using fingerprint” policy for devices with Android 7

There may be situations for Android 7 devices, where the policy blocks/unblocks the ability to change the previously configured settings.

Android Enterprise Profile Owner – Smart Lock policies on Android 6.0 devices

The Smart Lock policies for Android 6.0 only work globally. It is not possible to select block specific Smart Lock options separately.

Smart Lock – blocked Trusted Face policy on devices

The Trusted Face policy is permanently blocked on the device.
This problem is caused by a third-party API and Trusted Face remains blocked, if Smart Lock policies have been enabled.

Application rules – problems with closing applications

In the case of problems with applications such as Gmail, IBM Verse after applying the Application Rules profile, you should verify its settings, because an incorrectly configured profile may negatively affect an application’s functionality.

POP/IMAP profile not working with GMAIL

When there is a problem with the e-mail account in the Gmail application and the data is correct, check whether Less secure app access option is set in the account settings.

Xiaomi – unable to install application from file

The MIUI Optimization option must be turned off on the phone. This option can be found in the developer options.

HUAWEI EML-L29 Android 10 – No automatic registration using Enterprise QR

There is a bug in the system with this specific configuration. After the basic configuration of the phone, there is no automatic registration in the Proget system. You must manually enter the application.

Xiaomi – MIUI interface

Xiaomi devices, due to the modifications in Android introduced by the MIUI launcher, may limit the operation of some Proget functions. The fencing may vary depending on the device model, Android version and MIUI version.

We recommend using Android Enterprise compatible devices that are listed here.

To be sure that the devices used in your company are working properly, we recommend thoroughly checking the operation of key Proget functions on the target Xiaomi devices, before adding production devices to the Proget system.

Lost Mode and alert on Samsung Knox

It is impossible to read and close alert message on a device with Samsung Knox MDM activation and Lost Mode turned on. To set the alarm off restart your device.

Contact with administrator and emergency call on devices without SIM card

On devices with Anti-Fraud activation attempting to contact with administrator or calling the emergency number will end up receiving notification “not registered on the network”. After clicking “ok” the notification does not disappear.

Business contacts profile on Android 8 with Device Owner activation

Problem with adding and deleting the business contacs profile on devices with Android 8 and Device Owner activation – the task status is failed. Profile will work properly with permission “Find accounts on the device” for Gmail application.

Action Turn off Wifi on MTP Profile

Action turn off Wifi on MTP profile does not work on devices with Android 10+.

Dialer in Lost Mode on Samsung Knox activation

After entering the wrong password several times the Lost Mode will show up on device. During attempt to contact with administrator the dialer does not apperar. The problem does not occur when Lost Mode is enabled from console.

Taking photos during Lost Mode on weaker Android devices

On weaker Android devices taking photos during Lost Mode may cause the Proget application to stop responding and temporarily disable Lost Mode.

Allowed Input methods policy on DO and PO activation

Allowed Input methods policy on Android DO and PO activation is not working properly. If the non-system keyboard is enabled during a policy change, the list of allowed keyboards to be passed must contain it.

Set timezone automatically – DO policy on Samsung devices

Set time zone automatically policy on Device Owner activation does not work properly on Samsung devices with Android 9 and 10.

Prohibit removing added Wi-Fi networks – DO policy on Samsung devices

Prohibit removing added Wi-fi networks policy works partially on Samsung devices with DO activation. Network cannot be removed from the main Wi-Fi selection view but it is possible in the Network management settings if the user is not connected to added Wi-Fi.

Profile Owner activation via QR from Integration tab

While activating Profile Owner via QR from the Integration tab, the second QR reader will not work. To complete activation enter your email address and activation code.

Proget Backup – MMS restoring

If after restoring MMS a placeholder is visible instead of MMS – go to Messages app details and clear its cache. When you open the Messages app again all photos will show up correctly.

DO activation via Enterprise QR on Android 10

During DO activation via Enterprise QR, call log and SMS permissions are not granted. The problem occurs on Android 10 devices.

Kiosk Profile – no access to notifications when status bar is disabled

If status bar is disabled there is no access to notifications. Problem occurs on Samsung devices with Android 9 and 11 (Device Owner activation).

Problem with activation on some Xiaomi devices when policy forces a password

The problem with activating some Xiaomi devices appears when the policy requires setting a password. To activate the device, it is recommended to set none password policy and change later, when device is already activated.