Application rules

The basic management of application rules has been presented in the first steps, if the informations contained therein is not known to you yet, we invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

Using rules, you can prohibit or allow users to use specific applications by placing them on a black or white list. The rules are configured for each type of activation.

To add a rule go to the Profiles tab and select Application rules from the list of profile types. If you already have a profile created, you can select it and click the Edit icon. If not, select the Create option.

Choose the type of activation that is right for you.

Black list

To block applications, for devices with an assigned rules profile, in the blacklist window, click the Add button.

Now you have the option to enter the package identifier (eg. If you do not know the identifier, you can search for the application by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the next column. In the application list, select one or many applications that you want to block, and click Add.

After adding all the applications that you want to block, click the Add button in the profile configuration window to save it to the blacklist.

From that moment on devices for which the current rule profile is used, it will not be possible to use the application from the blacklist (if they are not installed, then the possibility of installing them will be blocked).

If the selected activation is Samsung KNOX you can use the additional function Block all applications by checking the checkbox next to it. This function will block all applications except system applications, applications that are on the white list and the Proget agent.

White list

If we want applications to be always available to the user, we should add those to a whitelist. (Applications can be blocked for the user, e.g. by policies, after activating Android Enterprise – Device Owner, earlier blocking them from the device card level).

After adding the application to the whitelist, click the Add button.

Group of packages

The Proget console allows to block a group of packages by using the asterisk symbol ‘‘. For example, if you want to block all applications on the device, but allow the use of Google applications – enter ‘‘ in the box identifier of the package in the blacklist, and* in the white list.