VPN Profile

The VPN profile determines how the device connects to the local corporate network.

To create a new profile, go to the Profile tab, select the VPN profile from the configuration table and click the Create button.

In order for the profile to work, you must complete the form fields correctly:

  • Name – the name of the profile
  • Description – additional description of the profile
  • Compatibility – it is necessary to select compatibility for the type of activation you are interested in
  • Type – the type of VPN solution, in the case of IOS compatibility, you can choose from Proget VPN and Ipsec

The following fields depend on the compatibility chosen.

IOS MDM – Proget VPN:

  • Disconnect automatically – allows you to select the time of inactivity after which the VPN connection will be automatically disconnected
  • Send all traffic via VPN – regardless of how you connect to the internet, all traffic will be sent via VPN
  • VPN on demand – the connection will be made by calling the domain or host:
    • VPN requests – enter the domain or host name for which we want to set the selected VPN behavior – always connect / never connect
    • Wi-Fi exclusion – we can set a list of WiFi networks for which the VPN profile will not be used

IOS MDM – IPsec:

  • Server – the name or IP address of the VPN server
  • User – user account for authorizing the connection
  • Password – the password of the user to authorize the connection
  • Authorization method:
    • Customer certificate – authentication will be carried out with the help of a certificate:
      • **Profile certificate** – select the previously added profile with the appropriate certificate
      • **Include user PIN** – User PIN received during the call
      • **VPN on demand** – Authorize the connection using a password, server name and certificate
    • Shared Secret / Group Name – authentication will be performed using the Shared Secret / Group Name method:
      • **Shared Secret** – password (Shared Secret) for connection authentication
      • **Group Name** – Group Name to authenticate the connection
      • **Please ask for the password** – the user will be prompted for the password on the device
      • **Mixed authentication** – authorize the connection using a password, server name and certificate

IOS MDM – IPsec/Proget VPN – proxy:

  • Customer configuration::
    • Automatic – after entering the URL where automatic proxy configuration is located, it will be applied to the profile
    • Handle – for correct operation of the proxy server, it is necessary to fill in the fields according to the server configuration (name, port, user and password)

In the form displayed, complete the required fields and click Save.

A correctly saved profile will appear in the configuration list on the left. To edit, copy or delete a profile, select it from the list and then select the desired action from the action bar.