Wi-Fi Profile

The Wi-Fi profile defines trusted wireless networks, made available in a corporate environment, a way to connect and secure authorization.

To add a new Wi-Fi profile, go to the Profile tab, select WI-FI Profile from the configuration list and click the Create button.

In the form displayed, complete the necessary fields for configuration:

  • Name – the name of the profile
  • Description – additional description of the profile
  • SSID – the name that identifies the wireless network
  • Hidden network – selecting this field is required, if the network for which we prepare configurations hides the SSID
  • Type of security – we can choose the type of security that is used in the wireless network:
    • No – the network has no security
    • Personal WEP – security with WEP key
    • Personal WPA/WPA2 – security with the WPA pre-shared key
    • Enterprise -the most advanced type of network security, in its configuration we must also provide:
      • Security protocol (TLS, TTLS, PEAP, LEAP, EAP-FAST)
      • CA Certification – which should be uploaded previously using the Certificate profile
      • User – user name
      • Password – user’s password
      • Password – the user’s domain password
      • Request password when connecting – when connected to a WI-FI network, the user will be required to enter the password
      • Access Certificate – we can choose whether to use the Certificate or SCEP profile for certification
      • Profile of the certificate/ SCEP – we have the possibility to choose a profile which we will use to confirm your identity
      • Identity visible externally – the identity presented to the server before the TLS tunnel is established

After filling in the form correctly, click the Submit button.

A correctly saved profile will appear in the WI-FI configuration list. To edit, copy or delete a profile, select it from the list and then select the desired action from the action bar.